My areas of expertise
Creative Direction
R&D Direction
Designer’s recruitment
Set Design
Product Design


1996 | 1997
Junior Marketing Manager, product manager, product designer of Ascot Ceramiche

1997 | 1999
Marketing manager, product manager, product designer of Dom Ceramiche (Gruppo Ascot)

1999 | 2015
Co-founder, marketing, research and development manager of Brix

2015 | 2018
Freelancer. Creative director + product manager for Decoratori Bassanesi

since 2018
Freelancer. Creative director for M+

since 2019
Free-lance. Direttore creativo per Ceramiche Settecento

The Massimo Nadalini Studio was born


The tendency to aim for what, at first glance, seems impossible allows us to take one step beyond, to say something new, to come out of our comfort zone and do something meaningful.

I love designers who are capable of expressing their own personal aesthetic. Their own mark, combined with the vision that I develop together with the companies, enables brands to gradually build product diversification while at the same time still maintaining a strong coherence with their own identity.
I have learned that professionals who have still to make a name for themselves can often have a great design capacity. And this is why I like to intertwine partnerships with young designers in a sort of scouting activity.

My passion for design has also led me to design products myself. In this case I focus strongly on the details, an element I view as key to every good design. I work on what fails to immediately meet the eye, but ultimately makes a product special.

In visual concepts I try to present ideas head on, using symbolism and, if possible, iconic images. My aim is to get rid of the superfluous so that the product takes centre stage. I try to describe the fascination of a product with delicacy and precision, to boost its credibility.

I believe that building a brand identity starts with the company’s DNA. It is essential to know who you are (or who you want to become) in order to tell a story that is believable; communication that conceals a lack of contents always reveals itself to be short-lived or non-productive.
Once you have understood who you are, it is essential to translate this into a product that embodies this identity. Perfect communication is the logical, consequence of everything established previously.

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