As creative director I am in charge of the selection of designers and the direction of R&D for some brands.
Identifying the most suitable designers for the development of the brand and directing applied R&D allows the brand to enrich its product range without sacrificing a clear identity.

Alissa Nienke_IMPRINT | Decoratori Bassanesi
Michael Anastassiades_THRILLED | Brix
Gennaro Avallone_GENESI | DOM
Piet Hein Eek_DRAWN | Decoratori Bassanesi
Naoto Fukasawa_LINEN | Brix
Sebastian Herkner_TARTAN | Decoratori Bassanesi
Lo Studio Design_BRUSH + FADE | Brix
Jean Marie Massaud_ALEA | Brix
Aki Motoyama_CLOUD | Brix
Paola Navone_BONBON + VEDONONVEDO | Decoratori Bassanesi
Nendo_MICRO BRICK | Brix
Kensaku Oshiro_MIST | M+
L+R Paolomba_HOME | Brix
Guglielmo Poletti_SEGMENTS | Decoratori Bassanesi
Lex Pott_LINEA | Decoratori Bassanesi
Andrée Putman_POWDER | Brix
Claudio Silvestrin_I FRAMMENTI | Brix
Studio Irvine_P-SAICO + QUILT | M+
Vincent Van Duysen_D.R.Y. | Brix

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