Primal and its reworks: Crack! and XXL

Primal and its reworks: Crack! and XXL

Massimo Nadalini
Massimo Nadalini

As the creative director of M+, I wanted to integrate the development of larger surfaces, which was requested by the company, with the central theme of research on contemporary surfaces.

Since 2019, the start of the rebranding work on the brand, I have tried to define the role of M+ (Mosaic+) by linking it to research on surfaces for interiors in which the theme of the “small” element integrated with the joint leads to an ideally seamless surface.

The creation of new, larger surfaces allows us to treat them as a matrix on which to do transformation work – rework – through cuts or incisions, in order to continue and fuel the research that characterizes the brand in any case.

photo Punto Immagine

While considering these aspects, I also thought about the inclusive and collective value of M+’s design approach: it was entirely natural for me to create a group of multiple designers both for the design of the large surface and for the rework.

Just as had happened with Cut-Up, designed together with CARDO, and even earlier with P-saico designed by Studio Irvine based on my Sticks collection, I asked Lo Studio Design to co-design with me Primal – the starting surface – and involved other designers asking them to design the rework.

We have developed and selected a significant amount of research.
From this #research work, the following emerged:

→ Primal – the starting surface – design by Massimo Nadalini + #LoStudioDesign
→ Crack! design by Massimo Nadalini + #LoStudioDesign
→ XXL design by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.


Lo Studio Design and I wanted to design a material that defies exact categorization. We started from the patches on ancient floors, in which the original, worn or broken surface is sealed with portions of new material, creating irregularities and randomness of pattern on the surface. Primal is an investigation into recovered surfaces where elements of different materials coexist in a harmonious way.

Primal 60×120 cm


Cuts of material with out-of-square geometries enter into a regular grid where the joints mark the rhythm of the gaze.
Crack! decisively shifts the focus from the tiles to the grid that contains them, achieving continuity through a dialogue between container and joint.

Crack! 30×30 cm – 4 modular modules


Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine has been a partner of M+ for years. Starting from Primal, Mariualaura imagined working on the gap between small and large by creating a continuous weaving of a carpet. This shared design approach allows us to cross-pollinate the works of different designers while respecting each project, with the aim of enhancing the system of possible relationships in an extremely contemporary logic of professional collaboration.

XXL 30×30 cm – two modular modules