“Apparently invisible yet constantly present” is the claim the marketing director of Zchimmer&Scwartz / Ceramco, Davide Trentini. gave me as brief on which to build a launch teaser for a series of online training meetings he was conducting for clients.

The meaning of the statement is that Zchimmer&Schwrartz / Ceramco produces chemicals which dissolve once used, but at the same time solve problems.

Together with the claim, Davide explained had imagined representing the calendar of this series as if it were the path of a subway: at each stop a specific topic to discuss.

The meaning of the teaser was to create an expectation on the following move, the following video.

I imagined representing the concept of “invisible / present” through a dense, total, alienating fog.

From this initial point we start hearing the noise of the subway tracks moving forward and we see a red dot proceeding in a linear way.

Slowly the fog dissolves, making visible the path of the red point and thus revealing the communication project of the brand as it was a map.

Video by  Puntoimmagine in collaboration with the Zchimmer&Schwartz / Ceramco marketing department.


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