“In a highly competitive market like the current one, the quality of the design, respecting the initial briefs, is a fundamental element for building a clear brand identity.
Brand identity, in turn, is a huge value because it allows us to be identifiable and thus create a more lasting competitive advantage between us and our competitors, compared to what would happen if we focused everything only on the product.
The design approach to a collection of surfaces is a complex work in which method and attention to detail are fundamental cornerstones.
For some time I have been involved in both communication and product for various brands (Brix, Decoratori Bassanesi, Settecento, Mosaico +): my approach to product design never disdains respect for brand identity. I would define it as a global approach that tends to translate the brand identity into a product. “


With this training path, I turn to companies that want to strengthen their research and development team. Since the product is closely linked to its communication and commercial needs, the path can sometimes involve the marketing or commercial team.

What does it mean to design surfaces today?
Those involved in R&D actually design “semi-finished products”: the finished product will be the laid and grouted surface, which requires other interventions (the laying pattern, the chromatic choice of the stucco, …) and that with those interventions will have to relate. Often, however, the product is translated into a slab, which in its color and format variants is mistakenly understood as a finished product.

I believe instead that we need to make the fundamental step:
from sheet to surface
from product to collection
therefore considering the world of relationships and design possibilities that can be offered to the target audience.

Translating concepts into objects and accompanying them with a story made up of real values.

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